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photographie professionnelle de chiens. photographe canin, berger, malinois.

Photographe canin
Alpes Maritimes et Monaco

Rien n'est comparable à la joie de passer du temps avec son ami poilu à quatre pattes en se baladant, en jouant avec lui ou bien en se relaxant à lui faire des papouilles. Ces moments sont à la fois éphémères et précieux. Nos petits compagnons de vie ne sont pas éternels, c'est pourquoi il est important d'en conserver de belles images artistiques et émotionnelles qui resteront pour toujours auprès de vous.

Créons ensemble des photos originales qui mettront en avant votre chien, votre chat ou votre cheval et la connexion que vous entretenez avec eux.

petit chien, chiot, puppy, bull terrier, photographie chien, photographe canin

Découvrez le travail d'un photographe professionnel canin qui a exploré le monde, capturé des moments magiques avec passion, créativité et sensibilité.


Auto portrait, photographe canin, alpes maritimes


berger, chien, animal de compagnie, photographe canin, photographie de chien, dog photographer

Véronique, VALBONNE

"Félicitation Romain, tes photos sont exceptionnelles"
berger, chien, animal de compagnie, photographe canin, photographie de chien, dog photographer

Dog Motion, ANTIBES

"Il a pris des photos très poétiques en s'adaptant aux différents chiens"
berger, chien, animal de compagnie, photographe canin, photographie de chien, dog photographer

Tommy & Milena, CANNES

"Merci pour les photos de Dakota, elles sont MAGNIFIQUES!"
  • Where does a photo shoot take place?
    “The location of the photo session depends on your preferences and those of your dog. We can choose an urban or natural setting, depending on what best suits your pet and the style you are looking for. You can suggest a location that you like, or I can suggest various options, such as the forest, the beach, the countryside, the mountains, a village or your home. There is no limit."
  • How does a photoshoot take place?
    A photo session begins with a moment of relaxation and familiarization with the photographer and the equipment. You can come with your dog's favorite toy, as well as treats if your pet is used to them, to motivate and reward him. I will then guide you to achieve the different poses and expressions you want, taking into account your dog's personality and behavior. We ensure that the session is a pleasant and fun time for you and your companion.
  • Can I appear in photos with my dog?
    Yes, it will be with pleasure. You or a family member can appear in photos with your dog if you wish. I advise you to wear simple, comfortable clothing that matches the decor and your dog's coat. You can also bring accessories that are important to you, such as a scarf, hat, etc. We can create the idea of a staging together before the session if necessary.
  • I have a non-obedient or fearful dog, is a photo session possible?
    Absolutely, I would even say that it is very interesting to create images under constraint (of a crazy or fearful character trait of the animal). We can use it to capture emotional or humorous photos. I am very patient and we will take the time necessary to put your companion at ease and find how to have fun during the session.
  • Is it possible to do a photo shoot with a puppy?
    Without a doubt, it is a great idea to take photos of your puppy from his first days. You will thus be able to keep a precious memory of its evolution and see it grow and change over time.
  • Is it possible to do a photo shoot without a paper print?
    “Nothing beats an image printed on a quality medium, which makes you appreciate the smallest details and gives you a new perspective on your work. Instead of letting your photos gather dust on your hard drives, I suggest you transform them into living memories, which you can admire every day. This is why I systematically offer you a print on art paper.”
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