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Imagine a photographer who began his professional journey in the trade, then spent six years working as a landscape gardener, followed by a three-year stint as a wakeboard instructor, before spending five years as a sailor/photographer on a private yacht.


In addition, add the exploration of 33 countries, ans you get the photographer with multiple lives that i am today at 35 years old.

Through my experiences, I have become increasingly curious and enamored with life. I view it as a thrilling adventure and find beauty in everything the world has to offer, recognizing that everything has its opposite. Life is complex and boundless, and I remain a student of it, constantly pursuing new knowledge and growth.

I understand the importance of animals and how much we can miss them once they're gone. That's why I've decided to use my expertise to help you make the most of your four-legged friends and become dog photographer in French Riviera where i live.

Romain Garcia.

RG Picture, dog photographer
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